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SCOTCH WICHMANN is a writer, performance artist, and comedian whose madcap riffs about his trailerpark childhood, neurotic delusions, and Hollywood obsessions spurred the San Francisco Chronicle to describe his work as like "eating and snorting [drugs]...then freebasing...then reaching for the turkey baster." A two-time finalist in Northern California's largest comedy competition, he's been a regular feature and host at comedy clubs across the country, keeping audiences rolling before national headliners like Bill Burr, Barry Sobel, Laurie Kilmartin, Eddie Brill, and many more.

Scotch got his start as a performance artist in the early '90s.  A protégé of L.A. performance art cult figure John White, he launched himself into L.A.'s performance art scene with his debut pieces, SNORTING MOUSE FUR and HAVING A BALL: ONE TESTICLE'S PUPPET SHOW. His live work continues to be featured at galleries, art venues, and fringe festivals around the world. He's also a member of Wet The Hippo, a performance troupe nominated for Best Comedy and Best Stunt at the 2013 Hollywood Fringe Festival.

In 2007, Scotch launched Meth Coffee, an underground coffee company in San Francisco as both a branding experiment and an ongoing performance.  Calling himself "The Drinker," he acted as the company's cracked-out spokesman, attracting a swarm of press from CNN, NBC, FOX, NPR, Maxim, The Washington Post, and The New York Times while selling super-caffeinated coffee beans in white druggy bags.  The product was eventually banned in several regions, including the state of Illinois by its Attorney General, who found the whole concept objectionable.

In a strange turn, actor-director Shia LaBeouf was caught plagiarizing Scotch's performance art manifesto in January, 2014, as well as writings by performance artist Marina Abramovic. Scotch responded on February 13, 2014 with a 6-hour protest and performance entitled #LABEEF for a crowd of hundreds outside the Los Angeles gallery where LaBeouf was staging his #IAMSORRY "mock apology" stunt.

Scotch works increasingly in TV and film. He folded himself into a killer's suitcase for the late-night TV short HACKSAW (2005), played an overgrown baby in OUTER SUNSET (2007), and made his directorial debut with SECRET TO A BETTER LIFE (2011), a short that was featured at the 2011 Nihilist Film Festival and the 2012 Freethought Film Festival.

Scotch and his wife live in Los Angeles. His writing has appeared in magazines, anthologies, and online. Two Performance Artists is his first novel.

Say hello on his website at www.seescotch.com.

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Scotch Wichmann protesting Shia LaBeouf

Scotch Wichmann performance art

Scotch Wichmann sheep number theory performance art

Scotch Wichmann Dicktemp temperature performance art

Scotch Wichmann Electric Lodge performance art

Scotch Wichmann Electric Lodge egg footsie performance art

Scotch Wichmann fan fly performance art

Scotch Wichmann KayDee Kersten toilet  performance art

Scotch Wichmann bonus appendage  performance art

Scotch Wichmann eyeball apple ear performance art

Scotch Wichmann in CAKE RUN, Sylvia White Gallery, Ventura Scotch Wichmann in SPOON PUPPET, Oak St. Salon, San Francisco Scotch Wichmann in SEED, Sylvia White Gallery, Ventura Scotch Wichmann, Beth Stinson, and Nate Dryden Clay Young and Scotch Wichmann Scotch Wichmann in MANLY MAN, Sylvia White Gallery, Ventura Scotch Wichmann in ICE FUR FISH, HIGHWAYS, Santa Monica, CA Scotch Wichmann in SPACE JOYCE, Irvine, CA Scotch Wichmann in ICE FUR FISH, HIGHWAYS, Santa Monica, CA




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